If cant sleep and need to talk, or anxious. Come here an someone should say hello to you in real time

Hello…if you have trouble sleeping an want to see if someone else is awake to talk to. Come here an see who is on… or come here if feeling Anxious an want to talk to try to ease your mind.
If i feel anxious, talking seems to help me. But, if it is late at night then it is hard to talk to anyone as their all asleep.
White noise can help people get back to sleep, but sometimes it’s better to just chat with someone an help clam down


Hi @Titan

Like your idea to come here and leave a message and see if anyone else is around while you are awake. We notice quite a few people come to the Treehouse and leave messages when they can’t sleep.

Of course, there is no guarantee anyone else will be here, but sometimes just typing out your thoughts can be calming in itself.



Like leaving a message on a treehouse … love it @pamelaspence …. :pray:


Im normally awake , have been working nights, but quite my job as anxiety got to much. Will be doing something less demanding


Im really struggling to sleep all the time!


Yesterday i was awake for about 31 hours, then finally got 8 jours sleep…not had 8 hours for a long time. Am watching tv at the moment, but the later it gets, channels start shuting down or is telly shopping .


Thank you for your suggestion :blush:. Inwas afraid that I’d waken someone from the little sleep they had! If notifications sound was on. Its good to know that there may be someone to talk to during the long lonely nights. Thanks again