"Journal now" button repeatedly lights up after journaled

When i went to journal at the usual time (4.45am) the button was not highlighted. Left it for a bit then journaled as usual. Three times i journaled and the button would ask me to do it again. Is this just my app or are other pioneers seeing this?


Morning @del604 and hope you managed to get some rest … there is no limit to how often you can journal and as long you journal at least once day and perhaps sometimes in the evenings it’s really up to you and whatever works best for your daily ritual … the suggestion is to pick a moment in your day … maybe after the shower in the morning or whenever suits you and just plug it in as a 1/2 minute daily ritual … that will allow sofi to begin to build a better picture of change over time (rather than change over day - I know I feel very different every day based on when you ask me :slightly_smiling_face: … so as long as you’ve joirnalled once a day that’s awesome … the rest is bonus … also adding @alexwalkerjones in case she has noticed and great journalling habits (I’m always keen to become better at it!! :pray: