Journal Sleep Hours

Hello All,

I’m having issues with the app when i go to do my daily journal it jumps straight to the Sun/Frazzle/Foucs question and then the calmness questions followed by the bubbles but it’s not asking how many hours sleep i got and i can’t see to be able to journal this at all so it’s now been a few days!

Is anyone having this same issue?

Very much enjoying the program so far! :slight_smile:


Evening @charlotte.jessica snd so delighted to have you here with us on this amazing study of how our old friends can help us feel and sleep better … adding our lovely @alexwalkerjones so we can follow your progress with the app and journalling … the question of sleep for me always comes up in the mornings and the focus question with the sun in the evening … see if you get a chance to journal your sleep in the morning Charlotte … but most importantly welcome to our little community … you’ll find a really caring and compassionate community with a huge capacity for patience with us as we develop our sofi and importantly lots of love for each other as we each try to find better balance :pray:


Hi @charlotte.jessica - welcome to our treehouse, it’s absolutely wonderful to have you here!!

Our journaling questions are designed to vary somewhat day-to-day, but they also shift from morning to night.

The cut-off time for morning journaling (where you should receive questions on sleep and mood primarily) is from 4AM to 5.59PM and the cut-off time for evening journalling (questions on focus) is 6PM to 3.59AM…

Could it be that you are missing the morning journal of the day, as this is what we consider the “main” one, and therefore receiving the evening questions instead?

While the evening journaling is great to do with your sprays, and as a bonus, we recommend switching it up so that your morning journal is always complete.

Of course, please let me know if you are receive the focus journal in the morning, as we’ll look into this right away :blush: :pray: