Just downloaded - how does this work?

Hi good evening! When do we recieve sprays and are they orally given? Also what is the ‘stone’ for that I am seeing on here. I look forward to trying this. Thankyou!


Hi, I’m not sure if they are taking new people on to the pioneers, @alexwalkerjones will know, and if they are then you have ro baseline for 10 days, which will see how you’re sleeping and how it affects your moods and your life. Then you will be sent a pebble, which is sent to make sure that the actual pods will get to your address, you upload a phito of the pebble, and then you will be included in the next wave, which is chamomile. But I’m not sure if they are seeking new pioneers as Sofi is now moving foward to a subscription business, I’ve signed up, as have many others. As for how they work, yes you spray the pods into your mouth, and then, hopefully, you reap the rewards with better sleep. Ive tagged @alexwalkerjones, she will give you all the info about whether or not there are more pioneer slots. I hope that answers some of your questions


Welcome to our community @Shan-2000! It’s great to have you here and we’re thrilled that you found us :blush:

As @MissTQ kindly explained, we have recently transitioned from our free Pioneer Programs to customer shipments and subscriptions with each of our three “hero” plants that we have spent the past 2.5 years developing for better sleep and calm.

To find out more about how sofi works, and which plant we recommend starting with, feel free to take our sign-up quiz here: join - Sofi

Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!