Lack of sleep and anxiety

Barely been sleeping recently, worse than usual, but we are in the middle of moving my dad for the third time this year :unamused: moved him from Norfolk and his flat wasn’t ready, he went to alternative accommodation for nearly 3 months, finally moves into his flat but it’s not wheelchair friendly so now he’s being moved back to where he was in alternative accommodation but will be in his own flat instead of a guest room…. The effort it’s taken my family (especially my sister) to get this move for dad has caused lack of sleep, anxiety and it’s triggered my fibromyalgia n other health issues. On Monday I’ve got to take him to his hospital appointment and then join everybody in unpacking stuff. I’m so anxious about my pain level being high n everything hurting but I know I have to be able to pull my weight with this last part of the move, it’ll be so worth it in the end but soooooo much stress at the moment :pensive:


Hi @Jaxx - thank you for sharing.

Looks like you have been through a lot recently, so it is absolutely justified you have been feeling especially off recently. Sometimes such overwhelming phases of life can seem never-ending, but they always reach a finish line! :herb:

I hope you will allow yourself a nice, recovering break after you have pulled through this difficult time :pray: :sofi_moon: