Sooooooooo tired 😔

Not feeling rested after sleep moving dad into his new flat in a care unit we’ve had dad in temporary accommodation as he moved from living a few hundred miles away to living nearby and his new flat wasn’t ready (even tho that was the day he was due to actually move in :face_with_raised_eyebrow::pensive:) gotta go do a deep clean n hopefully get him moved in so he can finally be in his new home but I’m just so tired. It’s been nearly 8 weeks of constant visiting him, appointments and cleaning/shopping for him and I think everyone involved is totally drained physically and emotionally so I’m pushing through today on empty and with no spoons (if you don’t know the spoon theory check it out on google :spoon::spoon:) please send energy lol xx


Energy sent!

Sounds like you’re almost at the end of a particularly tough time. I hope it all goes smoothly from here on in and that your best night of sleep is just around the corner.

Well done for doing all of this for your dad. And stay strong :muscle: