Length of a season

@alexwalkerjones Is there a set time for how long a season lasts? If so could there possibly be information given on that? I would like to possibly be able to estimate when season 3 is starting? I want my sofi box and stick so bad, lol.


Hi @gabriel.delarosa406,

Thanks for messaging and we are so keen for the S3 to begin also! There should be another full update coming soon (tagging @Kaveh) , but I can confirm that our formulation mixing has already begun to take place, and 1500+ of our Ashwagandha plant pods will be individually filled over the course of the next two weeks ready for shipment.

We are rolling out the new app internally with our team tomorrow, before we validate it and release the new version to all Pioneers. As soon as the app is out (we estimate by end of next week), you’ll be requested to verify your address (just in case it’s changed) and your shipment will immediately be sent your way.

I hope that helps - we are so so close to being launched and can’t wait to get our plant pods into your hands! :blush: :love_letter: We’ll have refills available shortly after the S3, the wait time between plants should be significantly reduced moving forward too.


Im so proud of you all😘


Fantastic news. The sofi team are amazing. Getting so close to S3. Exciting times.


Thank you so much for the speedy reply. You guys and everything you do is so amazing. And I am so glad that I have been selected for season 3. I can’t wait for the update and the beginning of the season. :blush: Thank you all for working so hard to keep us updated!


I’m so excited to try S3! Thanks for all the hard work involved in getting to this point :slight_smile: