Never even received s2

Never even got s2 all i have recived is mt wee sting and bag


Hi @chelsealeighpaul93, welcome to the sofi community. I ask @alexwalkerjones to reply to your enquiry.
Pleased to meet you and speak soon. :smiling_face:

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The programs go in cycles. We all have to wait to join as new cycles commence. You will be part of S3. Be patient and look forward to improved sleep when this comes round. I had a base line of over 100 days by the time I made it onto S2. I just missed A1. It was worth the wait.


Thanks for posting @chelsealeighpaul93 and welcome to the treehouse! I can see that you were qualified for our S2 with passiflora, and your Pioneer Pack was marked by Royal Mail as sent.

To our dismay, between 60-80 of our beloved Pioneer Packs were lost on their way to be delivered during the Royal Mail strikes of October last year, so it may be the unfortunate case that yours was included here. :cry: Because we try to get sofi into the hands of as many Pioneers as possible, we don’t hold onto any extra stock, meaning that it proves a major challenge for us when things (such as the national mail service) go wrong, and we’re not able to immediately remedy them.

The good news is that we will be shipping our S3 with ashwagandha in two months, and the only thing necessary in order for you to qualify is to journal consistently for the remaining weeks until the launch. This allows us to re-establish pioneer baselines and provide sofi with the necessary information so that “she” can later analyse the effect of the plant with as much statistical power as possible.

For all information on the S3 Program and why we are selecting Pioneers with the most consistent journaling habits to receive the S3 first, please read about the exciting (BIG) opportunity we received here: Wellness Fragrances and the broadening of the pioneer programs to include plant and fragrance studies

Our sincerest apologies again that this occurred, and we look forward to your participation in the lead up to receiving the S3 :pray::sparkles:

Kind regards and here to help anytime,