Looking forward to hopefully been able to sleep

Looking forward to trying sofi. I’ve not been sleeping right for the past 8yrs. So I’m really hoping this will help me. The doctors have had me on all types of medications through the years & it’s gotten to the point they are just not working anymore. Right now I will give anything a go. Has Sofi changed anyone’s sleep? Thanks


Hi I hadn’t slept more than 2 - 4 hrs a night before fi ding Sofi over a year ago. I now get at least 6 hrs if not more, it all began with my trial of valerian which helped enormously. I had tried valerian in the past but it never worked, the dosage and regularity of dosage was obviously different with Sofi. I can sympathise with your sleeplessness, so give Sofi a try it might just be for you.


Thanks for that. I’m waiting on it coming. So…… I’m keeping my fingers crossed it will work for me. As the stress of not sleeping is really starting to get to me. But I’ve heard a lot of good feedback about Sofi, so I’m staying positive. Again thanks for your reply

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I struggle with sleeping for any extended amount of time too. It’s so frustrating. I spend my days exhausted.