No idea what's going on help please

Hi guys I’m sorry for being such a pain but my original sofi account , I’m not sure what account is currently on my phone. It hadn’t allowed me to pair the kind gift of the valerian P1 spray which I’ve been trying though not finding much success with as I’ve tried valerian before.

I want to really help in this programme as getting back to some kind of sleep regularity and length is paramount to ever growing old at this point. I am so exhausted yet I rarely sleep over 3hrs in a row 3 here maybe 40mins there and there can be days between the measly bit I got.

I’m on high dose pain and benzo med at the moment morning and night as is. Nothing and I’ve tried all of them pretty much , in pharma helps. I’ve tried canna caps. Also don’t help. I don’t know why I cannot sleep peacefully.

Anyway I’m sorry got off on a tangent there. My issue is that I can’t do anything in the sofi app. I can’t log sprays or if I think it had any effect, if I slept less or more etc. It didn’t pick up my spray pin in a different version of this app I assume that was the old one. I know what I’m logged in under and my password now because I reset it and it worked for the first time … I’m just confused as to why I can’t journal and or has my previous journalling sleep been recorded and if days hadn’t either I didn’t sleep at all or honestly as I sit here and type this at nearly 4am, I do honestly only get between 2 and 4 hours if I was lucky breaks of sleep and sometimes I can go 48hrs to days between the next time I will just pass out from exhaustion.

I think not only for you guys it would be helpful with my info but also for me to show my neurologist at an appointment coming up in December (first one after waiting 5 years)

Anyway I’m sorry to be a bother. I’m really not well at the moment so apologies for my involvement in chatting xxx


Sorry to hear about your pain, sleepless, restless time @SlimJ1980. I will tag @alexwalkerjones and @kaveh to help. Don’t worry; they will sort out the issues you are facing. It is the right time to fix your device, get the correct update, and prepare for the new sofi release. It will be released shortly.
Take care and talk soon :smiling_face:


Not at all! Please don’t feel like you can’t reach out or are doing anything wrong. It sounds like you have a lot on your plate and I’m glad to hear that you finally got an appointment (5 years is a long time to wait!!) - but I’m so sorry that you’ve been struggling and we’re here to do everything we can to help.

I’ve pulled your app and phone details so we can begin an investigation into whether there might be something amiss with either the app or the stick. I have a few questions that will also help us to hone in on the issue if that’s okay!

  • Does a blue or green light show on your stick at any point? To test this you can press down on your stick (you may want to remove any plant pods first to avoid initiating an actual spray).

  • Are location services for sofi enabled? This is accessible via the setting section of your phone (sofi → permissions → allow location services while using the app)

  • If you get a chance, it would be a major help to receive a screen recording of the issue, and/or your attempt to pair the stick. This was our dev team can replicate any problem and publish a repair.

Thanks so much for hanging in there while we get this working for you. Looking forward to getting you up and running before the launch of our S2 with passiflora! x


In the pioneer 1 pack that Bee kindly sent me with the valerian pods, there is no Bluetooth connection on the stick so I cannot pair it with the app. I don’t think valerian is doing much for me anyway. I usually spray 4/5 times :flushed:
Tried cheek, under tongue, back of the throat
Resisted swallowing to allow for product to absorb via oral mucosal… I had tired valerian capsules before so perhaps it’s just me.

I seem to have the app back up and running but not able to do very much with it. My sleep is ALWAYS broken. It’s never longer than 3hrs at a time and I almost always just end up passing out from sleep deprivation.

Sometimes I just wish I could live in the Mediterranean. Every time I’ve had the luck to go there I’ve had such an active week and sleep too! The climate agrees with me. Alas having two children and a partner who doesn’t seem to give a crap about what my future dreams are doesn’t help either.

Do you ever just feel stuck in that rut that you know you’ll never get out of . :cry:

Starting trauma therapy on the 25th to address a heap of repressed trauma going back to childhood and up to now. I also have surgery in one of the hospital’s that caused part of the trauma that left me with permanent chronic pain and ruined my life.

I know people say this all the time. . But I actually hate my life. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve had suicidal ideation. I’d never go through with something like that. My kids are the most important people in the world to me regardless of the fact compared to other moms I’m useless when it comes to being active but I feel like I’m such a bad example to them when it comes to the myriad of illness afflicting me and always with no answers. Even when I pay to see consultants for exorbitant prices I still get no where. No diagnosis. No help. Nothing.
My skin has been peeling off in large pieces since 2018. Example of today below. No dermatologist I paid to see could help me and these are supposed to be the top in the country. Pain specialists in this country would rather tell you to try yoga and meditation than help you deal with persistent chronic pain which is why I refuse to attend those frauds anymore. My GP is the one who helps me with pain relief but his hands are tied on how far he can go with helping me navigate the system. Ireland’s healthcare literally third world. Not joking… just look at my skin and tell me…if you were a dermatologist, a professor of dermatology and this problem was ongoing for a patient with no clear answer even after biopsies and bloods run that you as a professional in the field you wouldn’t want to get to the bottom of it for your own curiosity , to actually help the patient , to study it ?!
On top of everything else I am going through,
Why would anyone want to live this way? Why?

Sorry for the tangent. I’m feeling really fkn low.
Here’s my photos of the app and the number 2 at the moment and lastly the weird skin condition that covers 80% of my body at least



You know when we did the research on sleeplessness we found there were something like nine different pathways to sleeplessness of which valerian hits one or two … so it’s very possible that valerian is not the particular plant @SlimJ1980 snd that’s why we are introducing in the coming months a whole group of additional plants that target the different pathways.

Hopefully as our sofi brain evolves it will become faster at spotting when a particular plant is not helpful and as our group of plant offerings expand knows a none response to valerian should lead to passiflora or ashwaghanda next … but I’m afraid it will take us still sometime to have the system fully ready!

One of the things I have realised is there is a lot of that affects how I sleep. Sometimes it’s just how hot it is out there and boy was it hot last night! I think I was up well last 4! Also remember that plants are our friends but important to also keep on the loop our gp in case there is something more immediate that can help us.

I hope you feel better soon and as long as you’re up for it we’d love to have you on this journey with us. Of course at any point if you don’t feel great always seek out additional help because there are loads of folks who can help. We are focusing narrowly on medicinal plants and sometimes what we need is sometime to talk about how we feel. I wish we could talk to plants. I get a sense they are patient listeners. But perhaps some more traditional support lines may be sensible as well. Message me directly at any point @SlimJ1980 and very happy to send you some links and numbers. Hopefully tonight will be slightly cooler and perhaps just a little easier for many of us to sleep. And don’t worry about your pioneer pack … @alexwalkerjones is going to make sure we get you an S2 starter kit when they come out by the end of the month. Xx :pray:


@Kaveh is absolutely right that one plant could never help everyone, we are all so different. Sorry valerian doesn’t seem to be the one for you but hopefully some of the others we have coming up will hit the right pathways for you and help your sleep.

I also wanted to acknowledge the difficult feelings you’re having and I hope that they pass soon. I’m sorry that you don’t feel supported by your medicaL team., that is a hard place to be.

Take care :pray::herb: