Melatonin suppliments causing anxiety iducing dreams

So ive been prescribed melatonin for a while now and my early morning anxiery has been getting worse and worse usually starts early hours and im wide awake and in a panic by 3.30 so tonight ive decided no melatonin i did some research a d found that melatonin can cause this type of thing im shocked tbh ive started a new sleep routine tonight so lets see how things go firstly no melatonin second ive stopped the cats sleeping in my bed tonight as theres 7 and there constant fussing and my hot flushes havent been very relaxing (sorry pussycatz) dont worry they have plenty of fuzzy heated cozy beds else where in the house. Ive also taken a late night shower clean fresh bedding and lights and phones tvs and anything else off by 11 at the latest my plan is to be up by 7.30 each morning im hoping this new routine may help the bad dreams and morning anxiery watch this space xxx


Good luck with it! Hopefully it helps you.
Morning anxiety is the worse. Really puts me in a defeated mood for the rest of the day.


Thats a great start we all have to try start somewhere so hopefully it will help u


I hate it when I wake up and the first awareness is the gripping anxiety - for me usually in my stomach.


Mine hits me in the chest first then rapidly moves to my stomach.
Some of the worse feelings ever.

Do you find anything helps?
For me a long drink of really cold water helps a little. Small sips until I’ve finished about a pint in 15 mins.


Good idea. I just need to get up and get busy. If I lie in bed, it gets worse and worse, so I have to distract myself quickly.

Usually this means going downstairs and finding a task to do that will occupy my brain and make me move on.


Yeah mines is a pu ch to the chest first then stomach cramps and running to loo(sorry) but true… Then its the flushes, the brain going like a computer.


It sounds awful. Poor you. How do you manage your symptoms?


Hi there… if U or anyone else have seen some of my prior posts, I always mention my very serious and rare circadian rhythm sleep disorder, which causes me to skip days and nights of sleep, without any schedule whatsoever! It’s horrible! I can sympathize with your anxiety, as I’ve had panic attacks in the past, but luckily don’t suffer from anxiety disorder on a regular basis.(My sleep Disorder is bad enough on its own!!:person_facepalming:)
I know how debilitating anxiety can be ! I have suffered from depression in the past, which I feel has been due to hormonal imbalance.
I also have 10 cats! Not to mention how many cats I have outside as well as two dogs! I couldn’t imagine if all the dogs & cats were on my bed while I was trying to go to sleep, since I only sleep every 3 days! I didn’t know that melatonin could induce anxiety but I’m here to tell you there are other wonderful supplements on the market specifically made for anxiety! Do you know about Gaba, 5-HTP, and ashwagandha? The supplements that we are going to be getting through this program have ashwagandha in them, which is a fantastic supplement for anxiety! Stay in touch with me and I’ll give you some other supplement names that are excellent for anxiety! Have you also tried CBD?? I just joined a great company with excellent CBD supplements that all offer a 60 day money back guarantee so if u ever want to try any, lmk… The company has great products all third-party tested, and every single product has a 60-day money back guarantee, so even if you use the entire bottle of any product you buy and you haven’t noticed any difference with it, you can get your full money back at the end even if you finish the bottle. However most people don’t return the products because they work so well! They have an excellent sleep and relaxation supplement with CBD in it!