Moving to pod#1 from 3

Hi pioneers!Happy St.Patricks Day​:shamrock:Even tho my app was saying i had 12 sprays and 3 petals left on initial pod# 3,i went ahead and chose no.1 and boy im liking it,really refeshing,minty​:leaves: and the Valerian is more understated.The android app on phone knew straight away new pod and started new flower.Well done Sofi!!:+1::shamrock:


That’s such a relief @jacquelinecannon1 that our sofi is increasingly becoming a little more stable as we teach her with all the feedback from all of us xx hope you’re managing a wonderful and restful weekend xx :pray:


Just changed the battery easy!!im so bad at this stuff and it was so easy!slid battety out popped new ine in,popped top on and voila,paired and sprayed all in 3 min.well done sofi!:rainbow: