My day and struugles

I’ve struggled with depression for a nos of years, been prescribed medication that was nonsensical and some days just didn’t want to be here.

But I remained focused, prioritised my family and my health, and whilst sleepness nights were/are common, I believe I’m on track to feeling better.

This week is tough for me as it’s a year since my mum passed and it’s been a struggle.

Today I woke early. I took myself out on my bike in the lovely, clean, warm Scottish air. I had slept well and being out on the bike, I felt amazing. I could feel the weight of anxiety/ depression and grief shift to happiness and gratefulness.

Why share this with you all? Sharing helps me but i want my story to show that keep positive, fights the demons and ‘there is light at the end of the tunnel’.


What an awesome narrative @mozza.stan77 … I’ve been thinking about sofi all day today Andy … it’s one of those preoccupations … mildly jealous or the Scottish air I must say! :pray: