My little magic box turned up today!

Who would have thought searching for more natural ways to deal with my sleep and anxiety would lead me down a rabbit hole to find this?!
Can’t wait to try it out.

It all connected to my phone ok. The battery was loose and not connecting properly but I pushed right back as far as it would go and seems ok now. The real test will be later as I have to turn Bluetooth off when not using it to save my battery.

The stickers I absolutely love and will be finding a space on my laptop for them with my sticker collection :joy:
Only thing is the Roman numerals on the sticker but that’s just me being a snob :joy:

The puppy was very interested in the new “toy” as well.

Ignore the mess around it. I’m having a bad day for my anxiety so working on some projects in my calm place :grimacing:
I promise it’s not normally that bad :joy:


So absolutely delighted that one of the S1 boxes have made their way to you @lrakarid and can’t wait to see how you and valerian get along! :pray:


I’ve just found that pod 2 is leaking slightly now it’s in the stick.
Not much but enough for it to leak out the stick. I noticed the smell first and picked the stick up to see brown liquid