My Sofi box arrived

My box arrive yesterday and OMG I had 9 . 5 hours of sleep, it was not in a block, however the time awake was nothing to consider. Today I feel great so thank your Sofi .


So pleased to hear that your S1 box has arrived @wanda.braine and glad to see that it is all up and running and you are having a good start to your relationship with valerian. Remember that like most relationships it takes a little while to know if you are going to be there for each other for a while so keep going with it and we will see how the relationship evolves with time. But super grateful to have you on this journey with us! xx :pray:


Amazing :partying_face::raised_hands: so pleased for you


Wow thats amazing!! Cant wait to try it


Second night and 7 hours I can’t remember when I woke up feeling awake, which I have been feeling the last 2 mornings.


This is really amazing … you know I am also taking the stuff with all Pioneers … I’ve been on No1 now almost half way through and I really think I’m not going to stop after the pilot … I think it’s having a bit of a chill effect on me even this early on … let’s see :pray:


I am sorry that it having that effect, I have spent years having about 2 hours of sleep a night, with 2 to 3 naps in the day where I may sleep it’s very hit or miss. The money I spent trying every know thing to try to help me sleep and my doctor saying prescribed medication is not the answer whenever I hit breaking point to ask.

The hardest days were when I was tearful because I was so tired I could not function. Then that changed when I was looking on the Internet for something else new to help me sleep when I saw your notice regarding the sofi stick and pods. I thought I had nothing to loss so I signed up and here we are. Day 3 and 7 hours 45 minutes off sleep later and i feel great. I would like as many people who are on the program will have the same results as me ,that’s why I am sorry Kaveh because you are part of the 'dream team ’ pun intended who set this up.


I am so grateful to hear this @wanda.braine and I know so will be not just the entire sofi team but also every Pioneer here … we are all pioneers on this journey together xx :pray: