My new Avatar! The beginning of Ashwagandha

Hey! Just wanted to show off my new avatar :laughing: Thanks to Alex for sending this to me and to whoever created it :partying_face: On day 3 of ashwagandha. Im a huge fan of this and love that it is currently the most researched adaptogen due to its amazing powers!!
I already take ashwagandha ksm66 and have done for a few years. When i had my first 2 doses i had the deepest sleep and woke up like a bear from hibernation. It also took me a good hour to come around so i thought id best pause my ashwagandha supplements whilst on this spray. Then followed by two nights of broken sleep so i took my ashwagandha at lunch today so hopefully ill get a good nights sleep without the bear-ish head in the morning. We shall see!! Thanks sofi peeps for all you do​:partying_face: you’re all amazing :clap:


We are so thrilled to see your amazing sofi avatar @trudi and even more so to find out how your and Ashwa will get along :pray: … here’s to a restful and restorative night and of course thx for being an awesome pioneer and very much part of the sofi community here! :star::heart: