New to sofi hope everyone ok

Hi im new here looking forward to receive my sofia hope it helps


It’s great to have you here for this shared journey @ledger87! You’ll find an an amazingly caring and compassionate community in this treehouse, not just Pioneers helping us build sofi, but importantly helping one another along our very personal journeys with these amazing power plants!

Can’t wait to see what discoveries you make!

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Hi @ledger87 welcome, nice to see new people popping up, and good luck on your sofi journey, everyones really kind and caring and also supportive, we’re all here for one reason…better sleep!!! I for one stumbled across sofi whilst i was at my lowest point, both in lack of sleep and generally, my first test was passiflora, last october, and it knocked me out and cintinued to help me to sleep, i tried the valerian, which helped me a bit, and sometimes all you need is just a little bit of help, and the ashwagandha has been great, I’ve only got enough for for more night, but last night i had 8 hours, broken, but i went back to sleep very quickly. I hope you too find your way to better sleep with sofi @alexwalkerjones have we had any more info why some of us didn’t get full pod with ashwagandha, i have 5 sprays left. Good luck on your journey

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