My new bed 😴 sleepy byes

:sleeping::sleeping::tada: Hoping my new bed will help


Apparently this makes a huge difference … what kind of bed, pillow, sheets and how you keep your bedroom (temperature, light, … ). Had anything ever worked best for you?


Temperature control (room temp & cover quality) plus a high-quality bed have proven to be key for us.
Whilst living in the tropics it was always a challenge to control the temperature- we struggled to bring down room temperatures to below 25degrees C.
In colder climates, I often take a cold shower in the evenings (I know, sounds hard and counter intuitive) which really helps to warm up from inside pretty soon after showering.
A blanket with sufficient weight (I don’t like light covers) and with good and comfortable warmth retention - it helps me to (usually) get a good night sleep.
The bed AND the mattress are super important too. Many years ago, we were too stingy and settled on a cheap solution. Poor quality sleep was the result.
Now with good quality bed & mattress we are set up for relaxing sleep.

What are the experiences and ways others are trying to knock-off?


My gel top bed with synthetic duvet has made a world of difference and also sleeping alone after 30 years!:rofl: