To pillow, or not to pillow - that is the question

With apologies to William Shakespeare, who never compared pillows, I managed to find a pure (that’s 100%) cotton pillow the other day and had the coolest sleep last night, albeit a bit broken, as has been my habit for many years. I’m not what people might describe as a hot head but, having had similar success in the past with a product called Chillow, I’m hoping that the combination of open window, cool pillow and specific pod/s will ensure more restful nights in future…
BTW, did you know that those yellow flowers are kale and delicious to eat?


Love this @neatby and no doubt after reading your post all would be forgiven by Shakespeare! :laughing: :blush:

I am a notorious pillow flipper, always in search of the elusive cooler side :snowflake:, so will definitely be checking out Chillow. For the past few years, I’ve used the bamboo pillows by pandalondon, and they seem to do the trick nicely!


I forget why I stopped using my Chillow, Alex. By the time I dug it out again from the bottom of my wardrobe, it had deteriorated and had to be scrapped but had I not found the cotton one, I’d have ordered another Chillow, such was the benefit!

Best wishes

Andrew Neatby-Smith


Which ones have you had the best sleep with @neatby and does it change based on hot summery nights or cool winter evenings? :pray:

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Hi, Kaveh. Thanks for reaching out on my issue with pillows! Frankly, it was only having dug a rather mouldy-looking Chillow out of my wardrobe that I spent serious money on two cotton pillows, one for my wife and the other for myself.
Putting my head on a cold Chillow every night was bliss, the best part being that it remained cold until I went to sleep and would still feel cool were I to wake four or five hours later. Even in Winter, the Chillow was rarely out of use.

The cotton pillows impressed me on initial use, partly because they are firm (can’t stand softies) but also because they don’t get hot. My only issue with them is that the cotton waste that constitutes the filling tends to bunch up over time and needs periodic kneading to spread the bunches out again!

Hope this helps?



Incredible … will look into one of these pillows … I love a cool pillow at night! Thx @neatby :pray:


I love even having the window open in winter :joy:

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