My new parcel has arrived

Very excited. My new parcel has arrived. Thankyou everyone.
When I opened it the pods were all mixed up. There are numbers at the bottom where they should have been but they are all numbered 3 but are different colours. Should I use them in a special order .
Busy day today. I am chairing the Board of Trustees meeting of Eleni. Its a Dance Company which I set up many yeaars ago
Best wishes to everyone starting on this next part of the journey. Meg


That sounds like an amazing charity @Meg and hope you’re having a wonderful weekend … the Ashwa capsules should have arrived from lightest (a sort of yellow) to darkest (a burnt orange) … and that’s roughly formulation 01, 02 and 03 … so lightest to darkest shade (yellow to red) … hope that helps :pray:


That is what I thought. It seemed logical to me.
Enjoy your weekend too.
Meg. X