My pebble arrived!

I’m really not sure how this all works, and I keep getting kicked out of the app, so I’m not even sure if this wil register, but my pebble arrived over the weekend :grin:


Hi @ridgewaysarah, welcome to the sofi treehouse and thanks so much for sending that photo in! Your S3 Pioneer pack is now officially reserved :blush::seedling: And a confirmation email containing more details will follow shortly!

Sorry to hear that your app is crashing! Is there a particular page that seems to be causing it to crash? I will pass over this info to our development team to look into, and if possible, a screenshot, or screen recording of the crash would be an immense help if you happen to get a chance!

P.S. Make sure to read about the sweet backstory behind these little stones if you haven’t yet: Sofi Surprise :gift: - #32 by Kaveh and check out our community thread on when to expect the S3 Pioneer Program and production timelines here: S3 Pioneer Program | updates