My Sofi Review-better sleep

Well I’m two pods down, and on the third (green, no. 1) which is my least favorite. I actually really loved the pink (no. 3) and blue (no. 2) pods, the flavour was strange to begin with but then really grew on me, to the point that I was actually looking forward to taking it! The green pod is too minty for me- tastes like toothpaste and I dont think the mint flavour works well with the subtle Valerian flavour. I was a wine taster in a previous life and have a very sensitive palate to mixed flavours!
However I have found that my sleep has greatly improved since using the pods. I was gifted a smart watch with my recent phone upgrade and I was shocked to see how little sleep I was getting (between 30-50 minutes of deep sleep a night) Since starting the pods I am regularly getting more like 1.5 hours of deep sleep. (Deep sleep being arguably the most important part of our sleep patterns) This is amazing!
I have however been unable to link the stick to the app so I’ve not been able to journal (sorry SOFI). It worked at first, though i had to pair it each time I wanted to journal as it lost the link. Then it completely refused to pair. I tried changing the batteries…but …nada. I got an error message each time. I did email you, SOFI, you acknowledged my email but then that was it. So I was disappointed I couldn’t complete the trial thoroughly how I’d have liked to.
Hence my review here. In summary great product, great app, disappointing stick.
What happens now, SOFI? When the green pod is finished do I return everything to you? Do you send me more pods/new stick? Or is that it?
I’d love to continue having better sleep!
Many thanks for an interesting experiment. I’d like to recommend this to my clients (I’m a Functional Nutritionist ). What are your plans to sell it?
Thanks again


@sarah Fantastic news! I’m so happy that Sofi is working well for you and i hope that the S2 will do just as well. Great review, can’t wait to get mine.


Hi @Sarah, thanks so much for this!

Your feedback is extremely valuable to us and I’d be more than happy to try and answer some of your questions. By coincidence, I also just sent you an email to support re-activating your stick. Should you wish to continue your journey with valerian, I’d be more than happy to register you for a resupply of pods - on us! :s1_n01: :s1_n02: :s1_n03:

We have found the error message you mentioned to commonly be linked to location services, so ensuring that the settings are set to “while using the sofi app,” could be the first thing to check.

As for what happens now! As I mentioned, if valerian seems to be working for you then why not trial it some more before the launch of our S2. We are offering refills while the remainder of our stock lasts and I’d love to get you on that list (bonus point if we can pair it with a working stick :blush:)

And of course following production and finalisation of the S2 Pioneer Program, we will be sending you three new plant pods using a different plant for sleep and calm (passiflora) to activate on the system.

While sofi isn’t a consumer product available for sale just yet, we are always welcoming new Pioneers and encourage sharing our Program with anyone whom you feel may benefit from the plants we are working with. We are keen to continue shaping sofi with the feedback and experience of Pioneers before hitting the market!

Thank you again for your Pioneering spirit!


Hi Alex,

Thanks for your message!

I’d love to continue trying the pods please, I’ve found them very helpful. I will certainly try to re-activate the stick too , thank you!

Many thanks



Hi Alex
Do you know when i will receive my top up refills please as as of tonight i have finished all 3 pods? It will be interesting to see how i sleep without my spray.
Thanks xx


Hi @tinaspain - we are hoping to get them out this week! And stay tuned as we’ll be sending more details to those who registered interest in refill plant pods regarding how to reset your spray count, etc very soon :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@Sarah perfect, you’re on the list :raised_hands:


Thanks Alex thats great!
Sorry another question, the past 3 nights i have saved my 6 sprays till just before i go to bed and have slept much better so is it ok to continue doing this? Xx


Absolutely @tinaspain! Please feel free to play around with what timing/quantity of the sprays gives you the best quality of rest! So long as we are capturing your journals and sprays, this will tie in to our analysis of effect. :sparkles: :sofi_moon:


Hiya,i bought vslwrian supplements to keep my body on the role with valerian,i also take melatonin and Ashwagandha to help