My sofi score is back up! ⭐️

My sofi score is back up and a huge thx to the amazing sofi digital team for managing to restore service … could be higher but at least better than the 16 which I was having till recently … thx @rafaelgoncalves @mathiassilva4 @Kirill snd of course @enricovarano :pray: in awe of your digital talents!


My score had been 100 for months, but with new app it is in the 50’s. Why is that? Still journaling daily.


Th sofi score is definitely a little misbehaving until sofi settles down into her new digital nest … until then, I would just keep on journaling as consistently in time and place as part of your daily ritual as you always have … and let the sofi score catch up! Adding @enricovarano and @rafaelgoncalves here so we can continue to keep track of how this evolves over the coming days :pray:

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