Something still wrong with App

Hi, a couple of days ago i uninstalled my app and installed it again, in hopes that it would solve the problem, but it hasnt.
I first noticed a problem after i set a daily alarm a week or so ago to make sure that i did my journal at the same time every day, which i have been doing. Strangely my score went down everyday when it should have gone up. After removing the App and installing again, i thought it was OK because it showed the score going up as expected.
However, now it sometimes shows it going down (59 score) and minutes later it shows it going up (78 score). This is without logging out. Actually i am nervous to log out because i am often getting error messages about my password even though i know for sure that i have not forgotten it and have typed it in correctly. I have had to ask to reset it so many times it is embarrassing!
I will try in a minute to upload the pictures of the 2 different scores that seem to pop up randomly. What i have noticed is that the correct score shows the dashboard shading thing ( band at the bottom) and the incorrect score does not.
So there seems to be a ghost of the past app within the current one (latest app i could find is version 2.4.3). Is there something i should do to correct this, or is it a job for admin?


Don’t worry it does this when the app is being reset or updated. Your data will be recorded accurately and it will settle down when all is complete. It is a work in progress so I’ve found that you just have to wait a little to see it sorted out. :grinning:


The trials of tribulation of building sofi together as we are live testing is many @drmudlark but @Eevie is entirely right … a lot of the time the guys are moving and adding features in the back end and we are in the process of doing a massive data migration to allow for the new bubbling journals and additional pioneers joining the program so I’m afraid service will be glitchy … there was a little while my score was going down but now I have managed to keep it at 78 … and again as @Eevie suggested actually all your days which sofi’s brain processes is safe and there as long as you journal everyday … the sofi score is an output from it but if it moves around a bit it doesn’t mean your data is at any risk … neither installing nor reinstalling. So you are safe … and thank you both for huge amounts of patience with us xx🙏

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:+1:Thank you both for your replies. It is good to know that this is not unusual :space_invader: