Dashboard | A few questions

Hi there @ Team Sofi,
I have looked at the dashboard in more detail and have some thoughts to share:

  1. my score: this is a number and a graph showing how it evolved over time. However, I am missing an explanation on the meaning of the score. I would have thought a higher score means better sleep - the opposite seems true for at least the last few days. (slept like a baby, but my score went down). In any case, a short description would be useful.
  2. treehouse community: I was actually writing down the times of my journaling to see when “my” icon will appear on that neat overview. However, the icon doesn’t seem to show up… is there an autofeed from all users into this? Or is this only a random selection?

Overall, the dashboard looks really cool and neat! Thanks for all that great effort @ Team Sofi!


Hi @laurent.rossier - I’m so glad you asked these! We were just talking about providing some further visibility on the my.sofi.dashboard :star_struck:

I’m adding in @rafaelgoncalves to see if he can talk us through in more detail, but what I do know is that the sofi score represents our ability to analyse your journaling data to produce a statistical result. It’s not based off of your duration or quality of sleep and mood at all, but your consistency of journaling.

Calculations of the score span all the way back to when you first downloaded the app, so if you’re missing some entries back then (or more recently - and especially two in a row), it may explain a lower score and indicate you have some stablising to do.


Morning @laurent.rossier and hope you managed a restful night! The sofi score is a measure of how consistent a pioneer you are. The more consistent the higher predictive power of “sofi brain” which is slowly being turned on and is in alpha stage. Essentially it is looking at two behaviour when you receive your sofi stick - the consistency (time and number of spray) that you use your sofi stick. It is also also looking at the consistency of when your journal. It doesn’t matter what you answer. The encouraged (higher score) behaviour is that you journal and use your spray regularly. The more consistent the feedback the higher the score. The higher the score the faster we achieve 95 percent confidence that for example valerian may be improving your sleep or impacting how you feel. The opposite is true as well. The more consistent you are the faster we know whether a plant (and it’s targeted pathways) are not the ones that are capable of improving your lack of sleep or calm and we know to change to the next plant. Hope this makes sense on the sofi score. It will take us some time to tweak this right but our goal is to have this pretty responsive within the S1 Pioneer Program in time for S2. In the meantime as we get more confidence you will see answers appear on the right of the sofi score. :pray: