New pioneer having trouble

Hi all

I’m a new pioneer and have been waiting for about a year to get to try this out.

I started last Thursday and for the 1st night i had a good night sleep although I did have a bad after taste in my mouth of burnt caramel. On the 2nd night I only managed a couple of hours sleep because I woke up feeling sick and had a bad taste in mouth again of caramel. Over the weekend I have felt ill with a bad stomach, only think different I have been doing is the spray before I go a bed.

Could this be because of the spray?


It’s great that you’ve been incredibly patient with us @swanbush … have you considered loading the plant half in the morning and half in the evening to see how that makes a difference. Of courses there are three different formulations there … all have the same active plant at the same ratio but they have different explorations … adding also @pamelaspence who may be able to give some further advice … typically speaking the plants take a few days to build up in your system before we can see a material change but of course every journey is unique and we must listen to your response and act accordingly. Try a half morning and half evening (perhaps after dinner rather than pre bed) and see how you get on … @pamelaspence do you have any further suggestions as well for Stephen? :pray:


Hi @swanbush,

Welcome to the Treehouse!
It seems like maybe you are not getting on with the natural flavouring in that pod. I would suggest swapping to another pod and also, as @kaveh says, reduce the number of sprays in the evening so that you are not loading up too much before bed.

If you get on ok with another flavour and with just 3 doses in the evening, you can then try to increase the evening doses back up again.

I hope that makes sense? Do let us know how you are getting on and we can suggest further tweaks if it’s not working for you.

Take care :blush::herb: