New update now pod wont connect

Just went into app to link up with my pod for this evening’s spray record and the app updated. Now my pod wont connect. Tried turning of bluetooth- didnt work. Tried turning phone off - didnt work . Have had updates before and hasnt been a problem


Hi @Caroline,

Thanks for your post! Let’s see what we can do to get you up and running again asap :pray: :blush:

Have you been able to confirm whether the pod is running low on battery? A common reason for the bluetooth connection to fail (especially if there’s been no sign of trouble before) is simply that the pod is running out of charge.

Please let me know if a ~90 minute charge or so helps the issue, or if you still have no luck.

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Hi yes already recharged . But eventually decided to delete the app and start again. Since the connect problem came immediately after it had done an update I figured this was what had upset it. And good news is that :crossed_fingers:it is now happy again.