Pod will not connect to phone anymore

Have been running this study for a few weeks with relatively minimal issues, all of a sudden the pod will no longer connect to my phone. Tips to troubleshoot?


Hmm that’s annoying when it happens but the sofi systems are in constant flux as we continue to push out upgrades and features … so let’s do some ground works first as you had a connection before … I’d you take your capsule out and press do iii see a green light appear on your sofi pod - just checking to see if you have power, that your Bluetooth on your mobile on enabled … maybe worth restarting your phone in case something in the background got changed or upgraded on your device … adding @alexwalkerjones here as well so we can monitor your progress … worth confirming your device and the sofi app version on your mobile …. You can check this by clicking on the figure on the top right corner of the app … I’m
On version 3.3.14