New year , New Goals

You know what keeps us going is the community here :pray: the care and empathy everyone shows to each other has made for some incredible dynamics in our treehouse and without fail … I had this vision that the pioneers would be at the heart of sofi … just didn’t know they be the beating heart! Have an awesome weekend - from one chamber to another :heart:


Still working through my list of things to catch up on, but making slow progress. :snail:


Slow progress is better than no progress. Well done!
I am a procrastinator when it comes to organising and disposing of accumulated stuff. I need to get things sorted to take to the charity shop and sell some things on ebay or car boot sale, but even the thought of doing ebay again or getting it together and loading my van on the double yellows outside while traffic wardens hide around the corner ready to pounce makes me look for a distraction!


Thank you for reminding me about this Sue!! @drmudlark

Coincidentally, I actually checked one of my items off today, making full use of the bank holiday to do so…

I present to thee my (soon to be!) home-grown veggie patch, with a very wild wildflower garden growing to the right

And of course I couldn’t have done it without my chief plant inspector, pictured below! Her name is Rhubarb - or Rhu for short - which is very fitting :tomato: :grapes: :strawberry: :carrot: :kiwi_fruit: :cherries:


Fantastic Alex! I was wondering if you had got going with your veggie bed!
Thanks for posting some photos. I send a hug to Rhubarb!
Last week I made a small herb garden for the local library and am trying to establish more herbs that the Council want.
I think i told you that i was responsible for a herb bed in a local charity community garden. This time kast year there were onky 4 herbs in it but there are about 40 now if i include varieties. I will post a pic soon. I wish i had taken some ‘before’ pics.
My allotment has suffered somewhat due to neglect (so many weeds, so little Thyme!! 'scuse the bad joke) so i wont be posting pics of that anytime soon!


40 different herbs is amazing! Many times I’ve tried and failed to keep a herb garden alive, but I’m determined this time! Starting with mostly basic varieties, but I have got the “chocolate mint” variety of mint plant and the smell is just divine! :chocolate_bar: :herb: :heart_eyes:


I have 16 types of mint including chocolate mint. Some of the others dont smell very strongly of what they are supposed to but the Banana mint is close and the Strawberry mint is amazing.
Pims O"clock me thinks! :tropical_drink:


Curious, did you become a more enthusiastic listener on subjects you’re passionate about ? Hope you’re well!

Who else set goals ? And how did they get on with it ?