Weekend expectations

Why is it that we plan in our heads what we’d like to do on our weekend and you end up doing hardly anything that you wanted to? Chores and work commitments get in the way. People visit (i know i sound ungrateful) and then it is 5.30 on a sunday evening and you finally have time to do what you want…but something else pops up. Ggggrrrrrhhhhh!!!


Someone much wiser and experienced in life once shared a lovely piece of advice with me …. She said life is what happens as we are trying to do something else … we must celebrate these deviations … she also said something more … don’t let the achieving of any goal in your life be the prerequisite for you to enjoy your life - this moment - these random visitors … cause if you achieve your goals … so what … and if you don’t … what a shame … the time has gone all the same ambivalent to whether those goals were hit … have goals always - plans, dreams and visions …. But never put your life on hold for them and live the trials and tribulations with the same joy as the hitting and missing of the goals … I try every day to put her words to action … I’m still working on it @Sunflower :pray:


Thats such good advice Kaveh.
Not one that i have followed well, often putting life on hold for my work (although i enjoyed it), working long hours, feeling stressed, and refusing fun invitations if work was pressing (almost always). I was forever disappointed with what i achieved in a day, no doubt because i set myself unrealistic goals that were not physically possible!
I never really managed a good work/life balance and i admire people who have that sorted.

I was exceptional at feeling guilt! Possibly to do with childhood and a difficult mother. Anyway that’s more info than anyone needs or wants to know but it can take a lifetime to get over a painful early life. Almost there now i am old :smiley:

Being retired can be liberating for a workaholic!

Time really does go fast, and it does gets faster as you get older (all relative to existing lifespan I guess), so to all lovely pioneers enjoy your life as much as you are able and do that ‘be here now’ thing.

I have taken a screenshot of your post @Kaveh and will try to follow it in my autumn years :heart: Thank you!

[emojis ok if i type within colons :grin: ]


Thankyou for your wise words, like the other reply i had, i do suffer terribly from guilt, and yes, it did come from my parents. I never seem to achieve anything and then feel anxious, guilt, depressed, cross with myself and generally uck. People say dont be so hard on yourself, but built in habits are hard to break. I am away dogsitting this week and there is no swimming pool around to alleviate my inside stress, already the week feels doomed :pensive:


A coincidence - I am also dogsitting at the moment!


No way!? I am looking after a Great Dane, a Portuguese Cattle dog and an African Grey Parrot


That sounds like fun. My charge is a little white Schnauser. She is very cute and loves to cuddle. When i woke up she was on the pillow next to my head - thought i felt rather warm on waking!

She’s not so cute tonight having rolled in sheep and cow pooh - :smelly: needs a bath!

No emoji for smelly i think!

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My two sleep with me too…there isnt much room for me, but its nice. Have a good day!

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