Next step after pebble

I received my pebble ages ago. I sent you a pic of it but haven’t received anything else. How long before stuff arrives?

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Im also srill waiting, its been months since i received my pebble? And still no sleep kit?


Think I’m going to stop journaling because it shouldn’t take this long. Also sending a real stone in a bag isn’t very environmentally friendly. A pebble shaped piece of paper would work to prove your address

Hi , I know it’s frustrating waiting but theyre getting out alot faster than they was at the start , and they are definitely worth the wait , even if it’s one night of good sleep ! will tag @alexwalkerjones if she can potentially get a update for you :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone.
I know the wait can be frustrating, I personally nearly gave up journaling as I was waiting in the wings to start the S3 programme as I just missed out on the S2 trails.
I am really glad that I didn’t!
I found that ashwagandha trail really improved my sleep.
I’m now just starting the valerian trail and I’m really excited about this.
I’m so grateful just to be part of the sofi experience.
Please don’t give up waiting or journaling.