Pebble surprise

Just having a read through the tree house making myself familiar with it all. Very excited waiting for my pebble… ! :woman_shrugging: State of mind that something good will come of all this anxiety and sleeplessness! and if course the sprays eventually!


We are so thrilled to have you here @g.snelson! :tree: :sofi_moon: and it’s brilliant to hear about your experience so far.

It looks like you’re over halfway to completing your journaling baseline, and once complete we’ll be asking for your address in order to ship your pebble, AKA your sofi “surprise.” Please let me know if that sounds correct and keep up the great work :blush: :partying_face:

You are right on time to reserve a Pioneer Pack for participation in our S3 Program with Ashwagandha, so fingers crossed some restful nights are just ahead!



Yes that sounds right! I’m still journaling at this stage. Few more nights to record.
Great to see that I’m on track for the next trial.

Thanks for reaching out.