No.2 isn't spraying

Hello, quick update on my experience so far, this is my first post. :blush:

I wasn’t too keen on the taste of no,1 initially but I found it really helped calm my anxious moments, which at the moment is a total game changer as life is really full on.

I recently finished that one and tried to move on to no.2 but it won’t spray, it seems stuck and iv given it a good shunt but decided to move on to no,3 as to not miss out on the beautiful plant benefits.

Has anyone else had any issues with the nozzle on bottles being stuck?


Hi @missnix007,

It’s amazing to hear how you experience with ashwagandha is going so far, thank you for sharing and may the calm moments continue on!

I will raise this with our lab, as it’s not a problem we see very often, but it is certainly we will take a closer look into in order to prevent happening again :pray:

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I’ve managed to get it going Alex, I rinsed ithe nozzle under the hot tap. My app isn’t registering sprays though on any of my bottles. Plus a friend and possibly two have joined using my link but it doesn’t show on my app.