Still showing sprays but appears empty

My app is still showing 9 sprays but from what i can tell the cannister is empty.


Hey @aparkin82 , I had this problem too!! It does ask when you take out the capsule the reasons why, and I posted on here and fedback to the guys what was happening. Im sure they will ask some questions when they see your post x


Yes @aparkin82, some sprays do last longer than others and we had a few that were under-filled (@sarahmay86) this wave. In addition, with the bugs with spray count, it’s perfectly fine if your spray count doesn’t quite match up.

When you insert a new capsule (whichever flavour you prefer next), as your previous spray count was not yet at 0, you’ll simply be prompted by the app to explain why you moved on to the next one (hated the flavour, capsule ran out of sprays, etc), so feel free to select your answer there - and best of luck with the next capsule!

Here anytime should you get stuck,


Thank you.
I just wanted to be sure I wasn’t skewing any data or risking not getting the benefits.
It’s interesting so far. Definitely feeling calmer for the most part.


I had a similar issue as well @aparkin82 and @sarahmay86 … I think we may have had some under filling on the line with our Ashwa formulation so we are looking into it … but thx for raising this :pray: and importantly hope you’re both getting along with this incredible unique and powerful plant!


I had the same worries @aparkin82 glad i’m not alone.