Waiting for Smart Pod

I’ve been waiting for about 5 weeks for my pod. Anyone know how long it takes to arrive?


Many new pioneers are asking the same question.
When you will receive it depends on when the next batch is completed. This is still a trial and not an online shop where everything is ready to be delivered. If it was it wouldnt be free! Improvements are being made to the pods and the App as well as trialling new herbs.

It should not be too long, perhaps weeks rather than months (i saw in one of Alex’s answers to a similar question). Certainly quicker than when i joined in early 22 … i had to wait and journal for 6 or 7 months for my first try of pods and sprays but i have been very happy to participate in this trial even though the effectiveness of different herbs varies between individuals.

But new pioneers wont have to wait as long as some of us did, however some patience is still needed and you will need to complete your journal as regularly as possible :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey I’m new here.
Your response is great! I’ve been so confused about everything apart from the journaling part.
Now I understand so much more,


You are welcome, Glad to have been helpful Zojo. Its lovely to get a thank you too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Im sure you will soon get the hang of everything. Most information is in the treehouse somewhere, and there is a search option.

You might like to look at the 1st pinned thread at the top of the treehouse. There is an initial post by @alexwalkerjones with a list of all the subjects with blue headings so you can find out things like where the pebbles (sofi surprise) came from and info about the different herbs trialled so far, amongst other info about sofi. :slightly_smiling_face: