Seeking advice on pioneer box

Hi there, I did the journaling and received my pebble, took a photo and got told to wait for a pioneer pack….this was over a month ago and I just wanted to check that the pack was still coming as I’ve seen people receiving them at the end of may and I got confused. I’m autistic with ptsd anxiety and insomnia so I am very excited at trying this as a potential way to help but I’m getting anxious that I have done something wrong.


HI Isobel, welcome.

I’m sure you haven’t done anything wrong. But just check below the Compass icon in the journal part of the app to see that you have done the steps requested, to be sure.

Some people who received packs in May and June would have been lined up earlier for the remaining Ashwaghandha trial packs, or they may be among a sub-sample of pioneers who were selected to try the new fragrance sprays.

It is very likely that you have a trial pack of the next herb reserved for you and you will receive it when it is processed and ready to go.

A month is not long to wait for the free trial. Many early pioneers had to wait 6 months or more because the sprays take a long time to be extracted, processed, quality checked, and made ready to go out. This is still a free trial and sofi is not yet at the stage to have all their products available for sale. You will not have to wait that long because things are speeding up, but you may need to be a little more patient.

If you search in the Treehouse for something like ‘how long before i get my pod’/ or sprays / or similar, you will find a lot of answers to this question because many new pioneers have asked it in the past month :slightly_smiling_face: