On the important role of a daily journal 📝

As we all know, journaling is one of the most (if not the most) important elements of the pioneer journey! It can be viewed as our very first wellness “intervention”, long before plants and pioneer packs come into play, as sofi begins to learn the core patterns of your “baseline” sleep and mood…

…then, once sofi begins to compare how you journal as you take the plant to how you journaled before, she starts to make significant observations for effect. This is why our 1-2 minutes of daily journalling are so important to us - and to sofi’s ability to generate our unique results! :bar_chart: :seedling: :blossom: :sofi_moon:

And as it turns out that journaling has benefits all on its own, too!

Research studies have shown that expressing the feelings that bother you, or ones that reflect on a stressful or traumatic past event, can provide closure and help to boost the functioning of your immune system, as well as improving health overall.

And on the other hand, journaling prompts that encourage gratefulness and elicit a positive emotional response such as pride, enthusiasm, energy or joy, are also evidenced to lower anxiety, improve sleep, and boost self-regulation of pain and mood!

Essentially, this means that whether you use journaling as a way to reflect on the good or the bad - there is something to be said for this simple wellness practice - and that the benefits of mindful journaling with sofi occur, even before our first spray with the plant! :heart_decoration:

For a full overview on the role of journaling as a wellness tool, make sure you check out our latest article on our blog:


This is amazing @alexwalkerjones snd a huge thx to you and @stephendahmermd , @pamelaspence and @Nicki for your contribution … journalling is such a critical part of sofi - not just as a way of establishing our baselines and how we change over our journeys with these plants but importantly as a way of becoming more aware of how we feel and beginning to take a more active awareness about that is hugely important in leaning forward and taking control … super grateful for this amazing contribution :pray: