Valerian arrived🌞

I’m gonna be honest, the flavour is so gross I’m not sure if I can deal with it for a month :frowning: it’s makes me heave :frowning:


I got my valerian a few days ago also and dont really mind the taste. Its very short lived. What i try to do in these circumstances is to concentrate on the possible positive outcome of the experiment.
Short term bad taste in mouth V good night’s sleep (more fulfilling following day :sleeping:)
Just my view, im sure all feedback is welcomed bu the sofi team.


Try and stick with is @ameliamcfagan - and see if and/or how the taste evolves for you over time. It sounds impossible, but for many of us who had the same initially response, we can come to love the valerian sprays.

It think it must have something to do with the body adapting to things that are good for it (assuming that it is a helpful plant for you :blush:) so fingers crossed the flavour profile improves for you soon!! x