Pebble Arrived now whats next?

Pebble has arrived not sure what happens next ? Im looking forward to the next step :grinning:



Cute pebble :slight_smile: @alexwalkerjones will come around soon and will whisk you away to pastures… confirm your address and add you to the Pioneers! Welcome aboard :smiley:


Awesome @Baggy246 - thanks so much for the photo! So happy to see your sofi surprise made it to you

Your S3 Pioneer Pack with Ashwagandha is officially reserved :sofi_moon: :raised_hands:


Hi,I still havnt recieved my pack ? Any ideas of how long it will take ?im really keen to get started on them :hugs:


I still havnt recieved anything ?


Hi @Baggy246 - my apologies for missing your question prior!

I can confirm that your Pioneer Pack for the S3 is reserved, meaning there’s nothing left to do except wait, I’m afraid! Due to the nature of our Programs and the demand for sofi, we’re currently able to launch a Pioneer Program only every few months (although time between Programs will significantly decrease moving forward).

Because of this, our S3 Pioneer Program will be launching towards the end of the year/beginning of next to avoid Xmas shipments - and so there is a bit of a waiting game.

However, once your Pioneer Pack is reserved, you are with us for the S3, the S4, the S5, the S6, etc (in other words all our subsequent Programs where we’ll trial natural plant medicines for sleep and calm).

I’m also attaching this thread for you here containing a full overview of our production timelines: S3 Pioneer Program | updates

Here should you have any questions at all :blush:

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