Pioneer pack?

My pioneer pack hasn’t arrived yet it’s been over 2 weeks now can you give me an idea when it will be sent?


Have you received the sofi surprise pebble and uploaded a photo of it yet?
Thr syeps to take are under the compass icon

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Hi, yes I have received my pebble and uploaded the picture on the app. On my tasks it says this?

Many thanks

Jodie Roberts


Hi Jodie,
If you read the first topic pinned at the top of the Treehouse, you will see what is happening in the next few months, and look af the section where it says No pioneers left behind.

It is looking like around December to receive your pack. Yes, it seems like a long wait, but not as long as some of the early pioneers had to wait (up to 8 months for their first trial pack). There has been a massive influx of new pioneers of late, at a time where after nearly 2 years of free trials plus research and setting up labs before then, sofi have to start selling some of their products. Until now everything has been at their expense.

I’m just an old pioneer but I’m sure that the team wont mind me directing you to the top pinned topic because this should answer your question :slightly_smiling_face:


I have been waiting weeks for mine
Must be well over a month maybe 2
Not sure I’ll be getting one


@Jodderz717 , it’s saying the pioneer packs will be sent in December, I’ve had my pebble for nearly 2 months, so it’s going to be a fair wait.

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I’ve been waiting for a month or two for mine and I’m the same. I was starting to wonder if it’s a scam :frowning:

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Hi, no its not a scam. The early pioneers had to wait up to 8 months. The 3 herbs trialled in the last 21 months or so have had to be prepared in sequence and there is a lot involved in the processing and packing for distribution.

There has also been a massive influx of new pioneers in the last few months at the time that sofi is preparing to launch the product to the wider public.

You wont be forgotten but you will have to be somewhat patient. :slightly_smiling_face:

Information related to your question is in the topic pinned at the top of the Treehouse.
I am posting the link here:


Same here, received stone weeks ago and stated I’m at next point, heard nothing, although I’ve had emails on the subscriptions side of things, which nobody is going to opt in at them
Prices if they don’t work , that the point of trials, then go from there


Totally understandable @Gaving - and that’s why we’re committed to providing those who signed up with us as Pioneers their free Starter Pack.

Unfortunately, as a small startup attempting to get sofi into the hands of as many people as we possible can, this does mean that there are some delays as we wait for the production of our beloved sofi pods to catch up with our demand :blush: :pray:

Super grateful to have you here!

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Hi Gaving, I am still waiting for my pioneer starter pack and I have received a couple of subscription emails. I totally understand that Sofi is trying so hard to create a successful business and that pioneer feedback is very important. I am unable to commit to a subscription until I have tried and tested sofi sprays for myself. I will sit back and wait for Sofi to catch up and then hopefully a pioneer pack will come my way. From what I have read, there has been great success with many of the plant extracts so Im very excited at the prospect of trying some for myself.