Received my Pebble

Received my pebble in the post today!

What is the reasoning behind this?

Really excited for what is ahead!!


Hi @Bluealien, welcome to the treehouse!! It’s awesome to have you here and I’d be more than happy to explain how our pebbling process came about!

Our sofi pebbles do have a practical reason to exist in addition to them becoming a special part of the Pioneer journey with sofi. On the practical side, it’s a simple way to verify your address, and ensure that your Pioneer Pack will make it to you - where ever that might be in the world!

It’s much better for us to send a pebble to a wrong address than have Pioneer Pack misplaced or lost by the postal service. :blush: And so we ask Pioneers to upload a picture of the pebble in order to verify receipt, and confirm their Pioneer Pack!

Since you’ve uploaded it here I’ve gone ahead and reserved that for you! For some background information on the pebbles check out the story here. And you can find all updates on the production and shipping timeline of the S2 by clicking here.

Thrilled to have you on board and here’s to more restful nights sleep ahead! :sparkles: :sofi_moon:


Welcome to the Treehouse @Bluealien! Glad to have you on board and can’t wait to hear all about your journey. We’re here as a community to help each other and find ways to combat sleeplessness and anxiety. So feel free to share your story or listen in to ours :slight_smile: