Received my pebble,what do i do with it,


Hi your pebble is a guarantee that your address is recorded correctly so your pod will be delivered to the right place.


That’s amazing … we ask you to take a photo of your sofi pebble in the palm of your hand … we are making an amazing collage of all the pioneers that have participated on in sofi … but importantly as @Eevie suggested this is how we ensure we can get one of our limited sofi starter packs to an address that works … adding @alexwalkerjones do wr can follow your progress from here. Post the image via the sofi app or if you struggle simply post here … welcome :hugs: on board @Garyo :pray:


Hi @Garyo - it’s wonderful to gave you onboard and love to get a Pioneer Pack finally reserved for you under your name for shipment in our next program!

Now that your sofi surprise pebble has arrived, please follow the next steps in-app according to your pioneer journey map (compass icon) so that you are good to go!

Wishing you a lovely remainder of the week and here if you get stuck!

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