Polar opposites?

Hey there,

The conversations here have been led by people who seem to like the app (at least mostly), and people who like to talk about their sleep issues. Someone previously even started a post headed “Community of like-minded people” - and I couldn’t agree more.

Just thinking aloud: Is there anyone here who doesn’t like the app. Someone who doesn’t see the value-add of daily journaling within Sofi? Someone who finds the discussion topics pointless?

It would be super exciting to hear from you - the valuable sceptic who can bring forward the conversations and move them onto a different level.


Always a fan of all feedback, including critical feedback, it’s the only way we can improve on our sofi! Thank you for starting this thread and please I would encourage all thoughts and feedback here - we are not offended. We are grateful! Wishing you a wonderful xmas @laurent.rossier KM


@Kaveh : good or bad; I do think that the active participants are very much aligned… Lot’s of positive feedback so far; not much critical input at this stage.
It’s time to get the Sofi in use; looking forward to receiving it soon.