Community of like-minded people

I’m really enjoying this little community that’s building up. I find it great that we all understand what everyone here is dealing with. People don’t understand how difficult, and lonely, it is when you have insomnia so it’s great to be here. The app works perfectly for me, no issues at all. I’m hoping it will be the same once paired.


I think it’s incredibly powerful to have so many people on the same page (that’s figuratively and literally), working together to solve and explore problems that all of us may face, to some extent, in our own unique ways.

Working behind the scenes on sofi for so long with this as the ultimate goal has been one thing, but to see it manifest in these initial exchanges has been another! I’m really enjoying it too :blush:


I dont think I really expected it tbh, so it’s so good to see.


When you keep things to yourself, it’s like you’re suffering in silence. Making certain things public you find out you’re not alone, develop a support system, and sometimes even find a solution that works for you.


I found even people closest to you, don’t quite understand. I know I feel awful, when I don’t go to bed with hubby, he’s shattered, I’m not. I’ve tried and just end up clock watching, mind wandering etc. He kind of gets when I broke down amount of sleep we both get. 25 to 28 hours broken sleep for me him 56 to 60 hours for him. Roughly 30 hours less sleep a week that’s Roughly 1500 hours a year less, equates to 187 nights of less sleep in a year than him, 6 months more sleep than me. That was an eye opener.

We manage to still function, work, get on with it, we have our days, whereby we are exhausted, drained, flagging. Insomniacs are stronger than we realise.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just sleep a solid 7 or 8 hours though.


I’m with you on this, my wife can sleep the whole night which is amazing but I just wish I could sleep all night never had that feeling


It’s so frustrating when before say "oh I had a bad night last night, I woke up 3 times) erm…is that all? That’s a great night for me :rofl:


Can I ask - do you find your sleeplessness is pretty consistent through the whole week - or are there some nights in the week that are always better or worst … the reason I ask is we found something really odd in the way we got Pioneers to sign up - we found that weekends it wasn’t so high - but Pioneers were more out there looking for solutions during the week … one of the lines of thinking I have is that some insomnia may be caused by stress and anxiety - and we certainly found more of it during week nights … it may not be so unusual that work is a major source of stress for many folks, and that particularly materialises during weekdays … but love to know if you have experienced any particular patterns yet - or if it is simply a long continuous feature! Thinking of going to bed early tonight! Best of night to you all! KM

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Makes no difference to mine. Mine is pretty much every day


I’m the same regardless, every night is between 2 to 4 hours broken sleep. I think in about 12 years I can count on both hands the amount of nights I’ve slept for 6 hours plus. I do nap sometimes but I give myself 15 minutes to relax and 1 hour to nap, this is maybe once on a weekend when hubby home, by which time on my chin strap.


Mine does not change all week Sunday nights are usually worse

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Do you have any ideas why you think it’s worse on Sunday nights?

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No idea really probably subconscious thinking of the week ahead


Isnt it great! Our loved ones try their best but talking to people going through the same kinda issues almost takes away the anxiety around the matter.


Completey hear what you are saying, myself it is worst at week day as i am worrying about my son and school with his autism so Sunday-Thursday its not uncommon for me to stay up all night.

Friday Saturday is slightly better but i have more time with him so even then it is hard to shut off.

I have only had the issue of insomnia the last year so in ways from what i have read i am lucky but also tella me that this is more of a mentality issue rather than physical problem.


I used to get awful Sunday nights. I started working part time and have Monday off. Don’t now get the Sunday night sleeplessness. I don’t get it on Monday either! It’s a weird Sunday, dreading Monday morning thing.