New here hoping the app, device and community helps 😀

Hi I’m Nial I’m new here, I’m 30 and last couple of years have been hell with sleep and mental health oberall. This app looks really good and easy to use and I hope the system works as well. What’s everyone experiences so far of the app, device and community? Thus could be just what I need to get me back on track


Hi @nial1993 welcome I hope Sofi helps you x


Hi @nial1993 - and warmest of welcomes to the sofi treehouse! We are really excited to have you onboard and to hopefully unlock some better sleep for you. :crescent_moon: :partying_face:


Hi @nial1993, i joined sofi in September last year, when i really needed sleep, and i have to say that its helped me so much, as have the sofi team. I tried passiflora first and it knocked me out, though i was in hospital and had an op for bowel cancer, then was taken in 4 days after being discharged, and it was hell. Then hubby brought in the new package that was delivered, and that night i slept 7 hours, or more, woke once, but went back to sleep quickly. So its really helped me, the ashwagandha is helping me to fall asleep quicker, valerien, I’m not sure about, but I’m looking forward and sleeping better than i have in 15 or more years. I hope you find your way to hetter sleep via the sofi program. :pray:


@alexwalkerjones I slept nearly 10 hours last night, waking twice but went off to sleep again within in minutes, I cannot remember the last time I slept so long, unfortunately i have only a few days of the ashwagandha left, as 2 of my bottles were not full. But I’m feeling so good today, energised, calm its amazing how much better you feel after a good long great quality sleep. My back pain is manageable, normally I’d have reached for my meds but I haven’t. Pity that today is my next chemo session. I may cope with it better having slept so well. So this is me :pray: that at some point there’ll be more left after everyone has recieved their pack of ashwagandha and that I can maybe get a refill. I live in hope, its made my morning, so best get ready for the hospital. I just wanted to update you, and give hope to anyone reading this who is struggling with insomnia :pray: :grinning: