Received by royal sign for today

Received SOFI 1 today :thinking:
I am on sofi2 … wondering why i would have sofi1 sent out?
It was sent on the 21st november - i was already on the SOFI2
I dont mind - as i will(CAN I?) use that again once done on the SOFI2


Because the kind Sofi team have sent out some Valerian (S1) to people who missed that at the beginning of this year.
S3 is not quite ready to go out yet i think. There is a thread on the progress of S3


Even if you tried it before, i am sure it is intended for you to use it after S2. This time they are all the same flavour pods


Thanx :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:yes i totally loved the effect i got with the sofi1


Adding @alexwalkerjones and @Kirill to here to give any further comments and support to you on this @natascha_mani … hope you’re managing to get some downtime this weekend :pray:

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