S2 Pioneer Program | updates

Major updates to your sofi app!:sparkles::crescent_moon:

Ahead of our S2 Pioneer Program, we’re introducing several new journalling elements to improve your experience of the app and allow sofi to make more meaningful discoveries with the plants. The next step is up to you.

  1. additional journalling question :calling:

Last month, we sent out a Pioneer-wide survey to gauge how we could better understand your sleep experience.

According to the results of the survey, Option B: “how many times do you wake-up throughout the night?” was voted the most useful in capturing sleep quality, in addition to the original journalling measures of sleep. In line with advice from our sofi experts, we have included a variation of this question for the S2.

In the latest version of your sofi app, you’ll also notice a light dawn making an appearance along the bottom of your screen. If your app is missing this gradient, please reinstall your app, or update it manually via the App/Google Play Store.

  1. new right swipe :s2_n01::s2_n02: :s2_n03:

Soon, we’ll now have a fully developed progress page, accessible via a simple right swipe in your sofi app.

This progress page not only displays the number of journals you have completed for your baseline and each of your plant-based formulations, but it also tracks which phase of the program you are in so far.

With the introduction of a progress page - and information specific to your journey on what to expect next - we hope to make journalling that little bit less abstract for you. Check back here anytime for a refresher on next steps.

  1. in-app sofi score (new left swipe) :100:

With these updates, we are also bringing your sofi score from the sofi dashboard, directly to your sofi app.

The sofi score is an indicator of how consistent your journal entries are, so it’s essential to establish a routine that works for you.

Scores in the 70s, 80s, and 90s are what sofi looks for in order to output statistically significant results on your sleep duration, sleep quality, and mood. As you strengthen your sofi score and continue on your journey with the plants, keep an eye out for sofi’s progress in determining your unique results.

  1. sofi progress plant :blossom:

Along with your sofi score, we’ve integrated a way to directly monitor sofi’s progress in determining your results. As her confidence builds over the course of the Program, your progress plant will grow and illuminate within the app.

Once sofi’s confidence exceeds 90%, she’ll output a sentence or two on the effects of the plant, just below your progress plant. Passiflora not for you? Then it’s simply onto the next!

  1. history page (new left swipe) :sofi_moon_white:

By scrolling to the bottom of the left swipe of your sofi app, you’ll find your new history page. This page allows you both to track your recent sprays, and review the quality and duration of you sleep since your journey with sofi first began.

Remember: the more journalling and spraying data you provide, and the more often you open and interact with the sofi app, the better your chances of receiving an accurate result!

These updates are launching imminently, and as always, thank you for pioneering with sofi.



This is an amazing update and a huge thx to the beautiful designs of our @josif, the great code of @mathiassilva4 and @rafaelgoncalves the maths of @enricovarano for the sofi brain and of course a huge amount of coordination by our beloved Gorky @Kirill - really exciting to see some of these core features beginning to come in the main app … going to start journalling and checking my score now! Awesome work sofi! :clap:


Thank you for your reply Alex, and for the new information. Looking forward to trying the Passiflora x


I feel humbled to be going on to the next exciting phase of this wonderful journey :blush:


This is some awesome work from the team :partying_face::partying_face::slightly_smiling_face: Great work guys!


Today we had the opportunity to review the final proof of the packaging and bottle print for our S2 Pioneer Program with passiflora, and it’s looking stunning. Sharing some pictures with you of what you’re about to receive … to begin with our three passiflora formulations will be coming to you in these three new colours.

The colours are heavily inspired by the gorgeous star of the S2 Pioneer Program, passiflora.

You can hear more about this incredible medicinal plant with our sofi story on sleep with passiflora.

We also approved our final packaging for sleeves and boxes for the S2 Pioneer Starter-Kit and Refill packs, and they are looking good.

We continue to abide by a zero plastics, paper only packaging approach. Our plan is to ship over 250 of the smaller packs (on the left) to existing pioneers who will use their S1 sticks with the new S2 passiflora formulations, and a further 250 or so of the larger packs (on the right) to new pioneers joining us. Our plan is to activate the S2 Pioneer Program with over 500 pioneers from across the world.

We are also shortly starting to recruit for the S3 program (even though S2 has yet to start), as we plan to run that with 1k pioneers! We continue to grow thanks to the awesome community we have formed together and are so incredibly grateful for all your input and perseverance as our sofi takes shape.

Packaging is good to go. Can’t wait to get started with S2! More updates coming shortly.




Stunning! The new packaging is looking particularly aesthetically pleasing and love that it’s gentle on our incredible planet too!

The countdown to the S2 is officially on! :partying_face: :blossom:


Beautiful ! Cant wait :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: will be waiting patiently for the postman when they get despatched :rofl::rofl:


Looks awesome can’t wait for the next pods🥳


Looks very classy, really love the colours mimicking the plant itself, can’t wait to use them. :relaxed:


I am so excited to have been accepted for this. I have had trouble with my sleep now for over two years. And as for my beautiful stone I received, it’s simply magical. Thank you so much. Goodnight everyone, Gail :white_heart:


It’s so lovely to have you here with us on this journey @gailhands and can’t wait to see how passiflora may help nudge you towards a more restful sleep. You’ll also find an amazing community here of caring pioneers all not only interested on their own journey with plants but also very much sharing their experience and cheering us and sofi on! Welcome on board xx :pray:


Hi glad to have you on board, I know you will enjoy this wonderful calming journey. It’s truly transformed my sleep :sleeping:


Welcome :slight_smile: hopefully a better night sleep is close for you :slight_smile:


I looked at the possibility of growing my own passiflora plant, it’s such a beauty. However when I delved deeper into it I realised I would probably finish up with the whole garden full of this stunning flower as it requires a fair amount of space to flourish. So I did the next best thing and bought a couple of packs of Passion fruit. It has a unique taste to it and I can’t wait to see how close the S2 pods match the flavour. :thinking::sleeping_bed::sleeping:


So grateful to hear about the progress of new release S2. Packaging and Color’s are as beautiful as the Passion flower. Thank you Sofi’s Team for your follow ups and considerate feedback. :blush::lady_beetle::pray:


Alex, could you check to see if I’m in your system for S2? On day 10 of journaling I was notified that I would be receiving the pebble. It’s now day 54 and I still haven’t received anything. Did I miss the boat?


Hi @joshcoen1, welcome to the treehouse and absolutely I can check!

Due to not receiving anything the first time around, we shipped a second pebble to you on June the 6th. Fingers crossed that it arrives to you in the next few days. Pebbles to the States do tend to take a bit longer I’m afraid.

We have reached capacity for the S2, but so long as we can get a pebble to you in the end, you are on track to participate in our S3 - with a new rechargeable sofi stick and all!

We are also accelerating our Programs following the S3, so in future the wait will not need to be as long. Really grateful for your patience with us!

Keep an eye out for your pebble (and who knows you may receive both!) :sparkles: :blossom: :love_letter:


The new pods are so cute <3 <3 I want it hahah :smiley: and it is great to see what you are doing to reduce packaging


Hmmm. That’s disappointing. Thank you for the update Alex.