S2 Pioneer Packs | FAQs and how-tos

In the next 24 hours we will be providing you with confirmation of the first wave of S2 Pioneer Boxes (with passiflora for better sleep and calm) being shipped out. :sparkles: :crescent_moon:

Our plan is for this thread to become the designated catch-all space for any questions or feedback you may have as Pioneer Boxes begin to make it into your hands.

Some tips and tricks to getting the most out of our journey with the plants:

  1. Get set-up! As soon as you receive your Pioneer Pack, begin by setting up your Pioneer Pack so that your Program can begin alongside your fellow Pioneers. This will also provide us an early opportunity to troubleshoot any technical difficulties should they occur. To begin set-up, please visit our set-up survival guide and read on to find the full list of FAQs for any additional questions: sofi | a survival guide for pioneers

  2. Consistency is key. In order to have the best chance of understanding any effect, it’s important for your daily journal to be as consistent as can be. While there’s no right or wrong, and it doesn’t matter whether you base your “sleep quality” on the number of hours you slept, the number of times you woke up, - or both! - we just ask that you try to think about it the same way.

  3. When in doubt, try turning it off and on again. If, for whatever reason, you should experience a problem while using your sofi app, we suggest closing the application and getting it to restart. For more information on how this can be done, click here for Android and here for iOS.

  4. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the sofi team! You can reach us anytime via private DM, by selecting the sofi moon in the top left corner of the app, starting a discussion in the treehouse, or emailing us at hello@sofi.health.

other helpful links and articles:

P.S. We have recently activated registration for our S3 with over 1,000 total Pioneers (and rechargeable sticks!!). Should you know anyone who might be interested in participating, encourage them to sign up at sofi.health/calm or sofi.health/sleep so they may reserve their S3 Pioneer Pack.

S1 and S2 Pioneers will be automatically enrolled following the S2 Pioneer Program.

I look forward to all your questions, and see you back here very soon!



Awesome sauce thanks for the update Alex I can’t wait :grin::grin:


My pleasure @Aaron! I am so excited too!! :s2_n01: :s2_n02: :s2_n03:


Can’t wait to get some passilfora in the hands of our pioneers! :pray:


Yay! Can’t wait to get mine :slight_smile:


Thank you for the update, I’m really looking forward to receiving my pack.


Absolutely fantastic thanks for all the hard work.


The first refill packs are starting to ship out from tomorrow. Super exciting!! Expect U.K. Pioneers will start the passiflora program by the weekend. It feels like a long time coming!! Wishing all a restful evening and us every success in these last few yards getting S2 to our awesome Pioneers!! xx :pray:


Just to check on this. Will this only be for S1 pioneers or all of us?


S1 Pioneers will get refill packs, new Pioneers who made the cut in time will get S2 Starter Kits @charliekluf82 … adding at @alexwalkerjones here to confirm which one you are! :pray:


Hi @charliekluf82, you are S2, and this week our focus is on shipping all he Starter Packs! Keep an eye out for it arriving likely next week and should you have any questions at all during set up please reach out. We can always jump on a zoom or walk through our set-up survival guide together!


You know what a zoom call might be good if I turn out to be a complete numptie about it. Thanks @alexwalkerjones :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


No such thing @charliekluf82 … our job is to make sure that everyone can access sofi effortlessly … we still have much ado with ‘tis!! :pray:


Hi everyone, I hope you all had a great Christmas and New year and fingers crossed this year is going well so far with the same benefits I have been experiencing with the valerian sprays prior to and before bed. I can honestly say that from approximately 3 to 3.5 hours a night and broken sleep at best, the continued use of the valerian sprays daily has made a significant contribution to my sleep quality, not only the length of sleep increasingly reaching 6 hours a night!
I love the natural plant remedies helping us as opposed to the chemical pharmacy/doctor solutions. I am sure that many of you will probably prefer the natural remedy over the pharmaceutical chemical pharmacy, which sometimes work but leave a hangover feeling in the morning!
Thanks for this trial Sofi :heart: I am so pleased that I found Sofi as this is beginning a new lease of life!


It’s been incredibly watching our sofi coming together over the last year @oliver75gaskell … and I don’t simply mean the plant, metal, glass, plastics, electronics and code … but here as a community. Our mission has been reconnecting people and plants cause we have a tremendous history together. And how amazing to see this relationship flourish. So please we are on this journey together. :pray:


I have said before how pleased I am to have found the Sofi program and the support and encouragement/advice all of the Sofi team members have been working so hard on for us as a great group.
I wasn’t sure if the valerian sprays would make any changes as I suspect that, along with many others, as soon as a natural remedy is mentioned it brings up thoughts and preconceived notions about natural remedy’s don’t really work!
However I am absolutely delighted to report that the valerian sprays daily have been working so much better than expected. So much so I now associate the taste of the sprays before bed as part of getting so much better night’s sleep in comparison to the troubles I was having before.
I have ditched all my medication for sleep that was doing nothing but giving me a hangover feeling in the mornings. I think I am averaging over 2 more hours of sleep a night and the quality of sleep increasingly reaching much better levels.
I really appreciate what all of you in this group do to support eachother and especially the dedication of the Sofi staff/team! I have been spreading the word about the Sofi program and all the benefits involved.



Thank you so much for sharing your experience @oliver75gaskell and we are overjoyed that we were able to squeeze you in, and that valerian has helped!

For our entire team, receiving messages like these never get old, and they are a source of inspiration to us daily! :sofi_moon: :pray:

We are so grateful to have you onboard, and fingers crossed Ashwagandha provides addition support to you in the S3 as a powerful and calming adaptogen!

P.S. keep spreading the word! The more the merrier in our incredible community :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I am extremely grateful that you were able to include me in the valerian program. I could feel it starting to make a difference to the length and quality of my sleep but as I put in another post on here this was made really apparent to me over the Christmas period when I left my spray at home accidentally, whilst I stayed with family for 8 days.
I was delighted to return home to my spray as my sleep began to deteriorate to previous levels during this time without it. Upon returning home the first night using the spray I immediately noticed the return to my ‘new norm’ and got just under 7 hours sleep! I can’t attribute it to my family having worn me out as the benefits of the valerian have continued each night since!
Are there any plans to make the valerian sprays available for purchase any time soon as I am concerned what will happen once it soon runs out?


So glad that valerian is working for you @oliver75gaskell :blush:

You ask an excellent question. We know we have a bit more to learn before our sofi is ready for the world which is why we’re doing more builds of our sofi stick and platform before we sell a single product - so this is where the free trialling comes in.

Our initial plan is to reduce the time in between Programs drastically following the S3 and offering us the chance to trial several plants in a back-to-back period of time. The introduction of RFIDs will be absolutely integral to this, allowing the sofi stick and brain to recognise each plant pod, irrespective of Program, flavour, or wave of shipment :raised_hands: :heart_eyes:

We hope that this way we, as Pioneers, can find a handful of plants or a particular combination that works best at nudging us towards more consistent sleep and calm.

I will find out from @Kaveh if we have more of a timeline with regards to the commercial side of things. :blush: