S3! It's here, and a few questions

Woohoo!! S3 has arrived, and couldnt have come at a better time. Had a crazy hectic few days getting the house ready for major works on the kitchen that started this morning, very much in need of all the help I can get!

I’ve got the stick charging at the moment but I just have a few questions.

Firstly, are the pods in the right order here? They had come out of their slots during transit and I just wanted to check I am starting with the right one?

Second, is it best to wait until this evening to pair them and start using the pods?

A huge thank you to Sofi who have been with us all the way, and care more about helping people suffering with sleep than many doctors. Really glad it’s here!

Thank you fron me and the bird crew, with an extra big thank you from Cookie the self named cockatiel


My pods had all come loose as well and were all at random locations and positions so interested in knowing which is which!


Hi @Calluna!

So excited your pioneer pack has arrived! The capsules are as follows:

  • n.01 = yellow

  • n.02 = orange

  • n.03 = (slightly darker) red

Did you receive a journey card with instructions on with which flavour formulation to begin? These are colour matched to your capsules, so if you forget what the numbers are, it can help! xx


Hey @alexwalkerjones thanks for getting back to me. Oo that’s really helpful, they were in a very mixed up order. Yeah it did, I’m starting my journey with capsule 3. I’ve just set it up and paired it now. Will Sofi tell me when to use it?


Whoo! SO exciting @Calluna !

To begin with, we recommend spraying 3 sprays in the evening, and 3 just before bed as this will also allow the plant to build up in your system over time!

Due to ashwagandha’s adaptogenic capabilities, it’s also possible that taking 3 sprays in the morning, and then 3 at night will suit you best. It’s likely to have less of an immediate sleep-inducing effect than our valerian or passiflora (at least, in my personal experience!), instead working with your whole body to simply strengthen your ability to wind down when desired.

For more information, you can refer to the “dose” section of your ingredients card as similar information will be shown there.

Wishing you all the best and can’t wait to hear how you get on! x


I know! I have sent photos of it to half my friends and family, one of whom just hit their 10 days today! Talk about a good day for Sofi stuff!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m guessing the 3 before bed are all at the same time, do the 3 in the evening (or morning) want to be at the same time or can I chose to space them out? Tbh that sounds perfect for me, I need the daily zen just as much as the sleep!

Thank you, really excited about the next part of my Sofi journey!!


The spacing is totally up to you @Calluna!

Depending on your preference, the taste of each plant can take a little time to get used to (those who have trialled valerian will certainly know!), but once taste buds adjust, you’d be surprised how much you can come to look forward to the sprays! So whether you prefer all at once or 6 times spaced throughout the day is entirely up to you x

@Kaveh do you still choose to load up all 6 of your daily sprays at once? :laughing: :blush:


Are we still playing guess the flavour or is the answer out somewhere and I just missed it? Pretty certain this will be a much better (and healthier) taste adventure than the Cadbury mystery bars :joy:

I encountered some reduced ashwangandha gummies and gave them a go earlier in the year. I very much get what you mean, I went from struggling to chew them properly cos they tasted so bad, to kind of looking forward to them. The body knows what’s good for it and what it wants you to keep taking!!


I completely forgot about the flavour guessing! We had two winners who guessed caramel and I’ve just tagged them now :heart_decoration: :blush:

It’s one of the reasons we are about taste in the app not just once, but several times over the 30 days of spraying. I’m totally with you and it’s just amazing to think how the body adapts!


It says the flavours of each of the 3 pods in the little leaflet in the box! Caramel, no added flavour, and Cardamom- if i remember correctly


Ooo thank you! I was wondering if it was somewhere in there and I missed it! I better go double check there wasn’t anything else I missed in the excitement :grin::heart:


Hi Alex,
Just letting you know I received my ashwanganda today and currently have the Pod on charge I apologize because I have not been doing my journal for the past two three weeks very naughty I also had problems with which number was which as the pods had come out in transit and I was going to suggest this on the last batch but it would be easier if you put the numbers on the bottle so that if they did get disrupted in transit then everyone would know exactly which was which just a suggestion and I promise now I will be logging my journal religiously! :rofl::rofl:
Thank you, im looking forward to a good night :sleeping: :zzz:


It’s great to hear from you @tinaspain and just get journalling as soon as you can … we recently did this amazing write up (thx @alexwalkerjones :heart:) about the importance of journalling … not just about teaching sofi about how to listen for effect but importantly as the first almost positive impact of sofi’s system of care … more on that here: on the role of journaling as a tool for better health



Mine had also mixed up in transit so thank you for asking this :blush:

Cookie is so adorable! This was my little Ginny, I rescued her, she was in a bit of a state when I got her and only had one leg! We had a beautiful few years together :heart:


Hi @alexwalkerjones, sorry me again, i only had 1 card in the box, it says your journey starts with n.02, but no which is next.


Super cute … who’s this little beauty? :heart::heart::pray:


You can randomly pick the next one … after you begin your journey with the designated capsule @Harobed :pray:


Thank you, please can you confirm which colour n.02 is please @Kaveh?

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