It's here!😆 Pioneer S2 Pack

It’s finally here!!! :laughing::smile::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: This lovely surprise came in the post this morning! It’s really made my day, as i had such a stressful day yesterday and felt really bad anxiety :grimacing: so receiving this has made me smile and jump about! I’m still awaiting test results for anaemia as so tired in the day but restless at night sometimes. Going to look through all the FAQs again so i know what I’m doing before trying it out! Can’t wait. To all those still waiting for your packs, please try and be patient :pray: :blush: I first joined around March this year so it can take a while- I was too late for the S1 program (and also cannot take valerian due to meds) Thankyou so much to the Sofi Team for this lovely gift!! I’ll use for a few days and post my experience :sunflower:


So glad it made it to you @Quinine and you are a star for being so patient with us as we navigate new (and unforeseen) challenges as a startup! We are thrilled to have you onboard and let the journey begin :heart_eyes: :pray:

Linking you to the pioneer survival guide should you like a step-by-step for setting up your stick: DocSend


@alexwalkerjones Thanks so much :blush: very happy and excited to be a part of the pioneer programme! My father has been having real trouble sleeping for a long time and i have introduced him to the world of Sofi. He says he’ll take a look so you may have another pioneer soon x


We would love to have him on board! :sofi_moon::pray:

Hi alex, my passiflora has finally arrived, yay! Hopefully i wont have too much trouble setting it up.
One early question, looking at @Quinine 's photo, i see that those pods are in the order: 1) purple, 2) very dark navy, and 3) pink. Mine were in a different order left to right 1) dark navy, 2) purple, 3) pink. That is the purple and navy are a different way round. I dont have the little purple slip in Q’s photo saying to start with no.2.
I understand that the passiflora is the same in each one but the tastes are different. I can’t see any number on the actual pods to indicate which are 1, 2 and 3, there are only the numbers underneath the cardboard ‘cradles’ and the pods sit very loosely in these. I dont think they could have moved around in transit but i cant be sure.
Shall i start in the order they arrived in my box? How do people post about which flavour is the nicest if their pods are in different orders in the box? Or do we just describe them by the pod colour?
I hope this makes sense, Im knackered and brain-fogged!
I should probably leave setting up until tomorrow! I’ll use the link sent to @Quinine and hope it goes smoothly.

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Hello there @drmudlark ! When you link the sofi stick via Bluetooth and location, each pod will show up on the app and tell you which one it is and give you a little description of the flavour. In my box they were actually sent in a different order and it wasn’t until i linked them up that i knew for sure which one was which. As for which one to start with, that i can’t help you with. Hopefully one of the Sofi team will be along soon to guide you. I hope you get everything set up soon and i hope you find it helps. I’ve been using for 4 days now, and i must say that it makes me feel more calm and relaxed. It hasn’t so far much improved on my length of sleep but I’m definitely noticing that my sleep is more solid already!

Thanks for that @Quinine - helpful to know the pod numbers will become clear. I’ll get set up tomorrow hopefully. Looking forward to trying the pods. :sleeping:

and glad to hear they are helping you feel more relaxed